Should You Have A Fire Extinguisher At Home?


You must have seen fire extinguishers placed at various points in an office building or in a shopping mall. It is very obvious that it is there for safety purposes. But what about the safety of your house? Have you ever thought of having a fire extinguisher in your house? Most of us don’t have an extinguisher in our homes or have clearly not thought about it ever. Having an extinguisher can prove to be of great help if anything bad were to happen. What happens when there is a fire in your kitchen? You could stop the small outburst of fire using an extinguisher before the arrival of the fire department.

There are numerous cases where houses have been burnt to ashes because of negligence. A small fire which could have been stopped turned into a massive one. The reason is that we don’t consider having an extinguisher in our homes.

Reasons To Have A Fire Extinguisher At Home

No matter what type of building it is having a fire extinguisher is always beneficial. You never know what goes wrong. Therefore, it is always better to stay prepared. Here are some of the main reasons why you should have an extinguisher at home.

  1. Home safety

An extinguisher is a safety equipment which is capable of putting out a small fire. This can save a lot of lives if used at the right time. It may not be effective for massive fire breakouts but every fire starts with a small spark. You can save your house and your family if you have an extinguisher. In case, there is a small fire you can simply put it out using an extinguisher. If nothing else, at least you can stop it from spreading before the fire team arrives.

  1. Sense of relief

When you have an extinguisher in your house, it gives you a sense of relief or rather a sense of safety. You know that you have a piece of safety equipment with you. If anything were to happen at least you can take a step to prevent it from getting worse. An extinguisher doesn’t worth much in comparison to your life.

Safety of your home is the first reason why you should have an extinguisher in your house. For the ones who already have an extinguisher make sure that you keep it near the exit points of your house.

If you have a big house having a single extinguisher won’t help. You should at least have 3 to 4 extinguishers in your house placed at different locations. The most obvious location is near your kitchen. Also, you should know how to use the equipment in the time of need.

Fire extinguishers are one of the most important safety equipment you can have around you. It is not only meant for commercial buildings but also for residential buildings. If you are bothered by the safety of your house, you should definitely consider having one at your home.