4 basic components of photovoltaic solar power plant


If you see that a person has installed a solar power system in their house you will obviously start thinking that they have really invested a lot in this. But have you ever thought what are the main components that are involved in this solar system? In fact, it should be critically analyzed at the same time. To be very specific photovoltaic panels are the main components that are mainly involved in the installation process. Now let’s gather some fruitful information on the 4 basic components of the solar plant.

Photovoltaic and its three layers:

Photovoltaic panels are made of three layers. These are the N-Layer, the P/N Junction and the P-Layer. The N Layer is made of silicon that is mixed with phosphorous. Secondly, the P/N Junction is made of pure silicon. The third one is the P-Layer that is made of silicon along with boron mixture. As soon as the sunlight strikes the N-Layer it knocks the electrons loose. The electrons, then pass through the P/N Junction and go into the P Layer. This creates an electrical field.

Involvement of Inverter:

If physics is known to you then you can easily understand electric current is generated in the way which is named as Direct current or DC. In order to make the electricity supplied by the solar power for any type of domestic use, a device is needed that converts the Direct current to alternating current or AC. This device is named as Inverter. The inverter works in a very simple way.

Role of Battery:

All solar power systems do not need a battery. Only a few need a battery that produces more electricity that is needed for a building. The stored energy can be properly used when the solar panels are not providing enough energy, especially during the dark and rainy days. Thus battery plays a very vital role in this case.

Importance of the Distributor:

The distributor is the only device that distributes the AC power created by the inverter into the grid. If you are creating more and more power than you are using then some of the power flow backward and into the grid. If on the other side the supplier is not supplying enough energy then the shortfall is made by the usual supply of the company. So, all the four components namely photovoltaic panels, inverter, battery, and distributor are the main components of solar power.

Solar power has really contributed a lot to the whole system. Solar power is not at all a complex energy system. It is greatly applied for various purposes. Due to its immense importance, more and more people are leaning towards trying this type of solar system. There will be a day when each and every item will be working totally on the solar system. It will happen within a very short duration. Now the time has come when people should become very cautious about it and try to utilize it in a better way.