Top Reasons to Send Your Cat To A Cattery


Cats do make excellent pets. They are funny, playful and moody. Having a cat in your life can make you stay away from boredom. They are always on their toes to do some mischief or the other. But no matter what, we still adore them and love to have them as our pets and companions. Just like humans even cats love to have companions around them. Not only that but even they care and may feel abandoned when they are left alone.

What do you do when you have to go on a trip and you cannot take your feline friend along with you? Most people in these scenarios tend to either leave their cat locked in the houses with sufficient supply if they are going on a short trip or send their pet to a friend’s place. Instead of doing any of these, why not send your cat for boarding to a cattery? Today, we will give you some of the main reasons that why cattery is better than any of the alternative options. If you are looking for a cattery then you can check out the cattery Auckland.

Reasons to Send Your Cat for Boarding in a Cattery

If you have never thought of sending your cat to a cattery then here is the reason that why you should:

  1. Cats are independent animals but even they need love, care, and It can be very stressful for a cat to stay alone in the house when you are away. So you can send it to a cattery where it can get all that it needs and stay happy till you come back.
  2. If you are gone for like a week or so how do you expect your cat to fend it for itself? Usually, cats that are domesticated cannot fend for themselves anymore because they become dependent on their human friend. This is yet another big reason to send your furry friend to a cattery so that it can get all the care and attention it needs. Cats, when left lonely for too long, can get very anxious and stressed. If you do not want your feline friend to suffer in your absence then you should probably take it to a cattery.
  3. You never know when there is a cat emergency in your absence. Your cat may get sick or injured or anything can happen to it when you are away. In these situations who is going to take care of it? Therefore, a cattery can be the best option for you to keep your cat safe while you enjoy your trip.
  4. Your cat will also be safe and comfortable under the care of a cattery. This will provide relief to your cat and you as well.

Well, now you know why it is important to leave your cat at a cattery when you are away. Don’t make your cat feel abandoned when you have the safest option available to keep your cat happy, safe and protected.

Different Occasions To Gift A Diamond Ring

Prosing to your lady is not the only time when you can gift her a diamond ring. Most people tend to associate a diamond ring with the occasions of wedding or engagement. But in reality, a diamond ring can be gifted to a woman on a variety of occasions. A diamond ring could be the most special gift for a woman. After all, a diamond is considered to be a woman’s best friend. A diamond ring can make a woman special in a way that no other luxury gift can.  If you are planning to surprise your better half or girlfriend with a diamond ring then you should definitely check out the Diamond rings Auckland.

List Of Special Occasions To Gift A Diamond Ring

Other than just wedding or engagement there are many special occasions that fit right to gift a diamond ring. If you are confused about the fact of gifting a diamond ring to your lady then you can surely take some help from this guide. Here is the list of different special occasions when you can win your lady love’s heart with a diamond ring.

  1. Birthdays: Birthdays are indeed a special occasion and just the right time to gift your partner a beautiful diamond ring. This can be made more special if it’s a milestone birthday such as when she is about to turn 25, 30 and beyond. By gifting her a diamond ring you can make her feel special on her day of the year. A simple diamond ring can do wonders when gifted at the right time.


  1. Anniversary: After your wedding, your anniversary is the most special event of your and your partner’s life that demands to be celebrated especially when it’s 25 years or 50 years. The anniversary is the perfect occasion to surprise your lady luck with a bright and beautiful diamond ring. You can also go for the anniversary special diamond bands. This way you can express your true feelings to your partner and show her that how deeply you care and love her.


  1. Birth of a Child: There is no other better way to thank your wife for bringing a new life to your family than gifting her a diamond ring. You can celebrate the joy of having a child with the brightness of a diamond ring. This is the most special occasion to gift your better half with a diamond ring. Certain gifts are cherished for life and a diamond ring is one of them.


  1. Graduation: A diamond ring is not only made for couples. It can also be gifted to a daughter by their parents on their every day of graduation in order to make it special. If your daughter is about to complete her graduation soon the most special thing you can do is get a diamond ring for her. This way you can show that you have full trust and confidence in her and also wish her a bright future ahead.

So you can see that how a diamond ring can be a special gift for a variety of different occasions other than just weddings or engagements.