Motels in Wanganui- which motel would you choose?


There are many motels all over Wanganui in New Zealand. However, if you are planning a vacation to Wanganui or going on a work trip, then you need to select one of the best motels so that you enjoy your stay.

A good motel is one which is located in an ideal location so that visitors have access to all the places nearby. Apart from that, a good motel is one in which you find a good comfort level and enjoy to stay. This article mentions a few motels in Wanganui which you can book and then stay for a few days.

A peek into few motels of Wanganui

Before coming to Wanganui, you must book the perfect kind of motel which suits you best. Below we are mentioning a few of the best motels in Wanganui from which you can choose and then enjoy your stay for as long as you live. These are:

  • Fiesta court motel

The fiesta court motel is very near to the airport only a few minutes drive from there and is exactly beside the Wanganui hospital. You can enjoy free wifi for as long as you stay there as well as a free parking space.

The location of the fiesta court motel is such that it is very near to the famous dining places as well as shops. So you wouldn’t have to carry your heavy shopping bags all the way for too long which is the best thing for women especially.

Rooms are spacious and well equipped with many kitchen facilities such as microwave, kettle and a dishwasher.

  • Wanganui backpackers

The best thing about this motel is that it offers a balcony with a sun terrace which the guests can enjoy freely. Free wifi and a free parking space are additional facilities which this motel provides.

You can enjoy an amazing continental breakfast every day for as long as you will stay in this motel.

  • Burwood motel

This Burwood motel is located in the centre of Wanganui and includes an amazing spa and wellness centre as well. It is very near to both the Wanganui river as well as the Wanganui airport.

You can enjoy some amazing facilities such as a very well made barbeque area, a swimming pool as well as free laundry. You just have to call the room service staff and they will take your clothes for laundry and then give you when done.

Wrapping up

So far all the motels which are mentioned above are one of the best ones and you can easily choose any one of the above and get it booked for your stay. It is better that you get your motel booked prior to when you reach there as then you can look to the other important requirements of your trip.

Select the motel which suits you the best and then gets it booked. There are many nice motels in Wanganui some of which are mentioned above!